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Our Mentor


An experienced mentor, guide and a facilitator  who is guiding individuals and communities  to adapt to the organic life style. He is a compassionate teacher that navigates individuals to quit their conflicting, restless and dualistic nature of their minds.  His passion is to guide people and teach ancient techniques of meditation, pranayama, yoga asanas, and mindfulness to come out of their inner void. After practicing these techniques himself and with his family,  he is now ready to share his experiences with the rest of the world.  

Sabarinathan Govindan

Founder & Mentor and Mindfulness Facilitator

The Organic Mind was founded in the year of 2011. It has been a decade since this community started helping individuals and communities raise their consciousness and awareness for a better life.  The Organic Mind has experienced these techniques and methods firsthand and saw the changes in their life. This organization has been developing for more than eight years in their various programs , classes, and events, along with passionately sharing the teachings of restful awareness with many others. Everyone who joined or attended in our classes and programs have been greatly benefited and extended this  life style to others, which is ultimately the success of our organization.  The Organic Mind continues to evolve and share their findings and experiences with the world.  These programs are easy to understand and follow; it is a progressing model and the organic mind cultivates this life style into their day-to-day life.  The Organic Mind strongly recommends to practice the teachings with their families and make their home a healthy and conscious ambiance to live peaceful and joyful life.

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