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Roopa Chawla

You gave us the depth of wisdom and support to go ahead with this inner journey.

 I just have to say you are beacon of hope and sunshine to many of us. You are a true inspiration, navigator, blessings and a true friend


Pushpa Java

I am attending Sabariji's class for about six years. He is not only teaching yoga and pranayama but also touching spiritual side by giving the knowledge of "body, mind and soul". This classes are an awakening class for everyone to change their life style for health and wellbeing.


Dr. Seema Arora

Organic mind has been a motivation to stay on course in my quest to stay on a path of self discovery. The discipline to do the pranayamas and the weekly program has helped me with developing awareness about my finite life on the planet. Reading spiritual books and following many Gurus may be good initially but the most important is to incorporate the learnings in our day to day lives. I think what I was doing was like reading the driving manual but not really getting behind the wheel and driving. Thank you Sabriji for giving me that push to become the driver of my life!! Learning and practising is a lifetime process and your continued encouragement is a catalyst for staying on course.


Manju Kundal

Its because of you where I am today. Thank you for giving me confidence and guidance. My heartfelt gratitude to you for leading me on this spiritual path.


Vinay Sharma

I have been healing my mind and body little by little by following your teachings.  My sadhana has become my daily habit.  My questions have dissipated. Only thing left for me is to continue my sadhana. I have noticed my reaction time has slowed down tremendously to others which has come as a blessing to me. You came as a messenger of love and compassion into my life. Now, little by little I am turning into a person I always saw myself since childhood.  Every moment I live now feels like I am living 1000 years already. I feel so blissful despite sometimes down time. Thank you for meeting me at Crossroads and guiding me to take the right turn.


Sejal Thakkar

I cannot thank you enough for leading us towards inner journey. Our sincere gratitude to you for your selfless and tireless efforts in leading us towards the path of awakening.


Rajesh Thakkar

Being here and now and Aham Brahmasmi has brought many changes in our lives, of course for better.


Dr.Anita Bajaj

No words can express our gratitude for your selfless service to our community. I am most thankful for your guidance in the past 4 to 5 years. We and the community could not have had a better companion during these tough times of Covid-19.


Jagmohan Bajaj

The Pranayama exercises have helped me tremendously. I feel calmer, more balanced and focused. Your trademark ‘don’t forget the smile on your face’ works wonders. I admire your patience and attention to my inquisitive questions. I look forward to the Thursday sessions. Thank you, Sabariji for taking us along for the journey.



Naresh Sharma

Your teachings are certainly helping me to make more conscious vs compulsive decisions. Now my body, mind and heart feel more lighter and I also have more happiness and peace around me.


Kajal Jain

Thank you, Sabariji, for being such an inspiring leader to show us a path of liberation. I learnt a lot from you especially avoid getting caught in a tempting and vicious circle of this world. Your selfless service and support is greatly appreciated.

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Ada Lopez

My gratitude to Sabariji and The Organic Mind for sharing his knowledge and giving me inspiration and motivation to face the ups and down of life. Most importantly his support to be at the present moment and through meditation I had been encouraged to be aware of myself. 

I invite everyone to practice his teaching with consistency and open mind for your own wellbeing.


Salil Sharma

Wonderful programs that makes you look in to YOU. It dispels common myths about yourself and with the series of talks makes you AWARE about who you are and the purpose of your being.  The various meditation techniques and yoga postures harness the calm and collectiveness in you.

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