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Hand Crafted in Mango Wood

 Uniquely designed, purely hand-crafted and cosmically blessed mango wood mandala coasters are specifically designed for YATRA 2024. Historically Mandala is a geometric design pattern representing the cosmic energy from the deities of the heavenly world which denotes and represents the feeling of peace within the symmetry of the cosmos. The circle represensts the wholeness of the Universel energy emanating from the total infinity and unity in combination with timelessness 


Hand Painted Mandal design

The Mandala art originated in Hinduism and Buddhism many centuries ago and after adopted in many other religious beliefs and ceremonies. It was created mainly to get rid of negative vibes and increase positive energy and traditionally the sages could focus their energies through mandalas to meditation for achieving enlightenment. These wood coasters are individually chiseled, varnished, and designed colorfully, and artistically. Each dot on the wood is embossed by hand in a beautiful geometric design to form a mandala which entails hours of handwork, and patience. Be the fortunate one to experience these special mango tree mandala coasters from the organic mind shop.

Includes two coasters in an organic jute bag and your order will be handed over on the day at the venue of Yatra 2024.

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