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Reclaim Your True Nature.

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About the organic mind

The Organic Mind is born from of the conscious experiences of life. The organization is to spread the fragrance of wellbeing to our fellow humans. This is a space to communicate, educate and empower the conscious experiences to awaken from the compulsive thinking of the mind. When we understand the true nature of our mind, we will be relaxed from its strong influence. Many awakened ones have told the truth in various expressions and this is one more way of reiterating it. The organic mind gives us an opportunity to live a simple life that is joyful and elegant. It is an invitation to all  to remind that we are here to have a human experience. Therefore, take the experiences from this precious life and keep them close to your heart. Have the organic mind to have a conscious life.

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Our vision is to spread the joy of conscious living to our community.  Our goal is to prescribe the practice of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and awareness to our daily routine and transform our homes into  a conscious living space.  This is a reminder to return to our true nature and to resurrect our wellbeing . Navigate our fellow humans to the path of inner journey where they can find their true joy, and resurrect their organic mind.


Our story is very simple. The practice we follow at the organic mind helps us to live joyfully in our daily life. Therefore we are extending this practice to our community. Our family and friends are benefited by these clear and concise practices and we enjoy sharing these experiences with rest of the world.  We are evolving consciously and would like to help you in your transformation too. 


Building a strong community where individuals can  awaken themselves while engaging in our daily routines. Our community continues to inspire others in this path of inner journey.  We will help create life styles that can bring wellbeing and wellness to our families.  Only when an individual gets awakened from the dualistic nature of the mind, a conscious community arises.  Join us to form an organic, and peaceful community within us.

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Purushartham Series
Karma and Dharma

Free Weekly Thursday Satsang

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Founder and CEO 

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"Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

- Ramana Maharshi -

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