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Mind is a Toddler – Conscious Parenting is the Only Solution

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Many times, we wonder why we have conflicts within us. Many times, we wonder why we are not able to be consistent. Many times, we are surprised that we throw an inner tantrum. This is all because of our inner child called mind. All you need to do is conscious parenting for this little rascal!

We will be amazed if we watch our mind as a toddler, we will see numerous similarities. If you see, sometimes the toddler will be crying for a thing but if you give him something else, he will stop crying and get diverted. Sometimes, for no reason, the toddler will start showing a tantrum. Sometimes, the toddler cannot stop crying until we give what he or she wants. Isn’t this similar to our mind?

When we go along with the tantrum of our child, we will be stressed out. But if we start parenting them consciously, neither of us will be stressed out. That is exactly what we need to do for our inner child to be healthy and calm. Consciously parenting our inner toddler is the only solution for a happy life.

When we watch our mind at a distance, we see the purpose of it. When we elope with the mind, we are caught up with the pain and pleasure. When we are consciously aware of our mind, we start seeing the world the right perspective. When we calmly watch our inner child, we are not only be mindful but also be blissful.

Conscious parenting our inner toddler is the solution to our day-to-day struggle. Life is full of freshness but the mind seems to be repeating the path of certainty. Uncertainty is certainly not what our mind wants but we are living in the life where we wonder and uncertain about the next moment! Let us be a conscious parent of our inner child to breath the freshness of each moment.

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