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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Meditation is a technique for restful awareness. In a simple term meditation is “doing what you are doing”. To get the deepest level of focus, concentration, and deep understanding of our mind we need practice. To be in restful awareness and to empower the God’s particle within us we need to practice this technique consistently and consciously. The only use of our mind is to fetch food and protect our body and rest of the time our thoughts are essential to empower the God’s particle, consciousness, awareness in us so that we live blissfully, happily and restfully.

Meditation is not removal of your thoughts but rather it is cessation of your mind. Removal of thoughts is only possible when one is clinically dead. Mediation is disintegrating your mind, which means the mind you weaved with the collection of your thoughts will be shattered. Naturally, the human tendency is to generate thoughts for our survival. The natural tendency in us is to generate thoughts and by nature, it clubs together to form minds. Meditation is nothing but separating you and your thoughts so that the thoughts are witnessed by you. This state of witnessing your thoughts is called Restful Awareness. I am not talking about avoiding thoughts but we simply witness without judging those thoughts. We tend to judge, elope and go with our thoughts but just witnessing these thoughts can be called as Restful Awareness. When you sit for meditation, you know for sure that there is no danger or threat. So, the restfulness has to happen because we are not in any danger or threat. You don’t have to react to any situation because the situation is amicable for you and there is nothing else you have to do to protect your body so that you can be relaxed. Realizing deeply that neither there is a threat nor you are a threat, then it is called surrendering. Surrendering leads to restfulness because when you surrender, the mind goes for vacation.

The most common problems when you sit for meditation is there are too many thoughts pops up. All you need to do is to witness those thoughts without letting them lead to form a community called Mind. All you need to do is to witness those thoughts at a distance and not carried away by its gravitation. So that the thoughts are watched, witnessed and seen. Usually, the thoughts are inseparable but here we need to practice to distinguish us from the thoughts so that we can witness them at a distance. That’s all we need to do in a meditation. Seeing thoughts at a distance is meditation. All these definitions of meditation are leading us to the restful awareness. A deep understanding that we need not to fetch food or protect our body from danger while we are meditating should make our body at ease. Is in it? Once this restfulness is met, then you need to just aware of your thoughts. Let us witness ourselves first time in our life. First time in our life let us think what we are thinking! Thinking what we are thinking is meditation!

Emptiness or nothingness is what we are trying to achieve. The emptiness emerges once your inner noise is calm down. All your dancing, painful, fun, angry and other moods of thoughts need to be calm down. The silence emerges only when you calm down your inner noises. An absence of noise is silence. Without noise, you cannot find your silence. So, just by witnessing your thoughts you will calm down your inner noise. When you don’t associate with your thoughts, when you do not elope with your thoughts, when you don’t marry your thoughts you are at peace and you are at your peak as well. When you detach your thoughts and you are not disturbed by it, the thought waves will calm down and slowly the silence is empowered. When you are not bothered by your thoughts, the tweeting thoughts will be diminished so that silence will be empowered inside you.

Don’t try to avoid your inner noise because when you try to avoid those noises then even the silence acquired by it becomes your thought. Thinking of silence is not a silence. Silent thoughts need to be silenced. Silencing your thoughts is called meditation. When you empower silence mind will not take over you but you take over the mind.

When you calm down your thoughts, the space of energy and space of deep silence will be empowered and that is pure intelligence. When you fill consciousness, when you infuse silence, when you empower God’s particles you fall into a meditation. When you jell with your silence, the ego loses its importance because you are jelling with silence. Jelling with silence is meditation. Whatever you think is witnessed by you at a distance as the camera looking at an object. When you are associating with silence, the personality dissolves (Becoming Nirguna). In this absolute silence, neither you are a threat nor you are threatened. Losing your ego and derailing your mind is meditation.

You are experiencing your vastness in silence. Muting your inner noise is going to reveal the silence in you. You cannot experience your vibrant silence unless you witness your thoughts. Unless you are at ease you cannot witness your thoughts. So, create an ambiance where you can be completely relaxed and witness your thoughts so that silence is revealed to you. This empowerment of your silence is meditation. When your silence is empowered you will start identifying your true nature and you dissolve into the silence. When you fall into this space of silence silently, you are in meditation.

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